Sunday, February 27, 2011

Miracle or a Blessing

Hello Everyone!
I have additional news to share! I went to the Dr. this past Friday and was very excited to see what they had to say about my recent Pet Scan. Before I begin, I know that many of you see this as a miracle, which I do as well, however, it is difficult for me and has been all along to call it a miracle as that somehow implies something special and I am no more deserving of a special intervention than any other. Since I have struggled and prayed for an answer as to how to communicate what has happened to me I have received more guidance as to how I share this with all of you.

Miracles are blessings/gifts from God and each of us receive these all the time. We don't always recognize the gifts and blessings that we have been given, I included so I am sharing this news as simply one more blessing from God, which I have received many just like all of you over the years, I just didn't always reconize the miracles in my life!

My latest blessing was given on Friday as my doctor is now looking at other things because they are no longer feeling that this is for sure, Multiple Myeloma. They are very confused that the Pet Scan is showing evidence that my bone lesions are not only improving but many have simply disappeared. In her words, this just does not happen. She has never seen a case like this and I asked her if she was beginning to get on board with an intervention from God, she responded, "Yes!" She went on to say that she felt a little embarrassed and would have felt very strange had she not had other colleagues checking her diagnosis and agreeing that this was in fact, "Multiple Myeloma". She is now testing for another possibility called, Sarcoid, which is a viral bone disease but quite frankly, Jay and I looked this one up and my symptoms really do not seem to fit this at all, we'll see.

The interesting thing with all of this right now is that it will be very difficult to remove this diagnosis from my medical records unless they ARE able to find a new diagnosis. Life is so strange but I am just going at it day by day. I continue to feel well but have a very strong awareness now of my body and every thing that I feel which is a good thing. I do not feel a sense of being cured for as I've said before, if it is not this, it will be something else down the road. Again, we are all terminal.

I continue on a path of learning about our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I look to the Holy Spirit for the words to express my love to all of you! I continue to be greatful for this awareness because my life has been so touched and improved with this special journey. Truthfully, the journey has been the miracle in my life! WOW, that is something I have not thought of until this moment!!!!

What is your miracle? Find it in the challenges you face and call on God to help you and you too will have this deepening of your faith as I have had which is incredible. I love you all and have a long list of those I am praying for, not only daily but throughout the day and my love for all of you continues to grow as I listen to the guidance that I am being given with each moment of every day!

I love you all and continue to ask for prayer as we all need that constantly. It is not easy for any of us to keep God in front... I am trying to be a good passenger. Love you all! Susan

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